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Commercial Building Permit Fee Estimator
Note: This estimator is to be used for commercial building permit projects only.

Please CLICK HERE to access the fee estimator for residential building permit projects

(IMPORTANT: Calculated permit fee is an estimate only and may not reflect the actual permit fee costs based on all of the proposed scope of work)

Enter your project valuation in the text box, and then click on the button.

Total Project Valuation $ *
Estimated Building Permit Fee $

*Valuation.The total cost of construction to the end user, excluding the land purchase costs and the overhead attributed to the land purchase. The value of donated goods and services is included.

DISCLAIMER: The fee calculated above is approximate and based solely on the information provided. Valuations will be compared to recognized standards. This fee does not include sidewalks, alarms, or other permit type fees.

Other Departments’ Fees
Fees associated with construction permits that are administered by other City Departments/Sections are not included in the building permit fee. Below is a list of City Departments/Sections that may impose additional fees,
  • Planning & Development Department
  • Utility Planning & Analysis Branch
  • Flood Plain Management Section
  • Engineering Services Section
  • Health Department
  • Administration & Regulatory Affairs Department (Commercial permits)